About Us

We are the private school education that you desire for your child, with the flexibility of a hybrid program

Our Model

Phoenix Academy is a division of Phoenix Education Group, Inc. We exist to provide quality, Christian Based K-12 Education at an affordable price that is vastly under the amount you pay at a traditional private school.

When you choose Phoenix Academy, you are choosing to be a partner in your child’s education. Our Hybrid/Online model allows for your child to work independently (usually for our older students) and engage the world with you (usually in our younger students).

By being an affiliate of Liberty University Online Academy, you can rest assured that your student is getting the best education that is rooted in spiritual principles. 

The Phoenix Staff also engages your child with weekly check-ins, educational support through tutoring and assistance, having the ability to come into the school to learn with our support and the support of extracurricular activities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common answers to your questions

Why should I choose Phoenix Academy?

Unlike many other private schools that have high tuition with additional fees, we provide inclusive pricing, flexible education, and a connection to an internationally acclaimed university system

Our staff is dedicated and focused on helping your student succeed. At Phoenix Academy, you are not just a number, but a family that we want to help succeed.

Is this a homeschool program?

While many aspects may have the flexibility, ease of teaching and more aspects found in traditional homeschool programs, Phoenix Academy ensures that all of the details usually left to the parents in a homeschool program are left to us!

We do partner with you as the parent, but your child is enrolled in a private school that is accredited so they should have no issue gaining access to college later or in the event you choose to transfer to another school, all of the classes should transfer.

How does the Phoenix Academy Hybrid Program work?

When you enroll your student, we work to follow the Hall County School System schedule. We work with you to ensure that we have weekly check-ins – either in person at our campus in Gainesville, GA or online via Microsoft Teams/Zoom/etc. We allow for this to be flexible for your schedule so that if you cannot make it to campus, we can still support your child.

We also offer support to your student from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Monday-Thursday. Friday’s we have our Debate Class which we follow the National Christian Forensic Communicators Association (NCFCA) guidelines. 

Can I send my child to school every day?

While your child will need to do a minimum of 180 days of 4.5 hours of school per day, with our model we allow you to move that timing around how you see fit. This means that if you want to send your child to our physical campus, we normally only schedule one day per week for the students to be on campus. 

When your student comes to campus, they will arrive at 9:00 AM and you can pick them up at 1:00 PM. 

If your student needs additional help, we will schedule with you to have either more in-class time at our campus or set your student up with a tutor.

Do I need to buy extra materials above the cost of tuition?

The only materials that you need to have is a computer that is capable of internet access with a modern web browser. To see the requirements, you can go to this link. 

You are welcome to buy regular school supplies that your child might need, but the curriculum does not require anything other than a computer and internet access.

We will also have school t-shirts to sell (you receive one when you enroll for free). Extra courses such as Debate, etc do have an additional cost. 

Do you provide transportation or lunches?

At this time, we do not provide transportation or lunches for students. You are welcome to send snacks with your child if they are coming for an on-campus day, but you are responsible for any food that is sent as well as transportation to and from campus.

What if I miss the August 9th start date?

Thats no problem! We offer enrollment weekly, so you can transfer to Phoenix Academy anytime during the school year. Contact our office for more information on this process prior to applying if you want to transfer in mid-year

When does Duel Enrollment Start?

Duel enrollment runs on the same schedule as Liberty Universities Academic Calendar. 

You can take a host of courses that cover your general education requirements or you can take some of the following full programs at https://www.liberty.edu/online-academy/dual-enrollment-courses/

You can do anything from a full Associates Degree Program to simply taking general education classes. You can even earn certificates in a variety of subjects, and you can earn your pilot’s license through the Liberty University Aviation Program!

Students must be High School Juniors and Seniors to be enrolled in Duel Enrollment. Admission to Phoenix Academy is not required to become a duel enrollment student either!

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